WM & Basic Terminology

Getting to know the WM basics will benefit newly diagnosed patients and veteran WMers alike with a refresher course on WM and an explanation of diagnosis, symptoms, and some simple treatment guidelines.

Understanding Your Blood and Bone Marrow Tests

"Understanding Your Blood and Bone Marrow Test Results" will describe the blood and bone marrow tests used to help diagnose WM, as well as explain and interpret the typical tests used by healthcare providers to monitor the disease status of their WM patients.

Genomics/Science of WM

Making sense of the science of WM sets out a framework for patients to understand the basic genetic concepts behind the mutations that are important in WM, to appreciate the ways in which these mutations impact the signaling systems that control the behavior of WM cells, and to recognize how these mutations are changing the landscape of therapies for WM.

Dealing with the Stress of Medical Uncertainty

Living in the shadow of an incurable but treatable diagnosis like WM can sometimes feel daunting. Finding the balance between monitoring your health responsibly and living life freely and fully can be a tricky dance. How do you find the courage and clarity to celebrate today when you have no guarantees of a healthy tomorrows?

WM & the Eye

An insight into normal aging versus WM-related eye issues, such as retinal changes with WM and the risks for dry eye, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Infection Prevention Strategies for WM Patients

Many WM patients struggle with a weakened immune system and may be at a greater risk to acquire anything from colds to stomach bugs. This presentation will explore different strategies and tips to strengthen and protect the immune system.

ASCO Highlights with Dr. Sheeba K. Thomas

ASCO Highlights with Dr. Sheeba K. Thomas will examine the latest information about WM related research featured at the 2021 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.

Living with Peripheral Neuropathy: No Easy Feat

This 90-minute webinar will explore different coping strategies and treatment options for those living with the pain and challenges of peripheral neuropathy. The doctors will also address the differences between WM-caused PN versus treatment-caused PN. Presenters: Dr. Guy Sherwood will offer his unique perspective on the patient experience of living with PN. He is both a retired family and hospice/palliative care physician and a 20+ year survivor of WM. Dr. Todd Levine is the Medical Director of Neurology for HonorHealth in Phoenix, Arizona. He has spent 25 years devoted to diseases of nerve and muscle and has published widely in peer reviewed journals.

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