26th Annual IWMF Educational Forum

2021 marks the 26th anniversary of the IWMF Educational Forum. This year’s Virtual Educational Forum is a unique opportunity to learn from medical experts and connect with WM community members around the world. Plus, all October long will be Ed Forum Month, so you can enjoy informative sessions throughout the month.

Your 2021 Ed Forum Planning Committee surveyed the full IWMF community to learn what topics are most important and has designed an educational program with sessions to address three specific categories: disease information, treatment options, and coping/getting support.

Ed Forum Month kicks off with two half-day workshops leading up to the two-day Ed Forum October 28 and 29.

An “Understanding WM” workshop on Wednesday, October 6, will deliver basics on diagnosis, symptoms, treatment guidelines, blood and bone marrow tests used to help diagnose WM, understanding basic science, and WM genomics. A “WM and Self-Care” workshop on Wednesday, October 13, will cover the impact of cancer-related fatigue on quality of life, how to manage fatigue, finding balance in dealing with the stress of medical uncertainty, and tips to strengthen and protect the immune system.

As always, a faculty of leading WM experts and healthcare professionals will deliver high-quality presentations to help you better understand WM and learn about the latest breakthroughs in WM treatments and care. A preliminary agenda for both workshops and the Ed Forum are available at the Ed Forum page on the IWMF website, https://iwmf.com/iwmf-educational-forum/

Register for Ed Forum Month by clicking here. Once you have registered and logged into the Virtual Events site, click on the “Reserve My Seat” button to reserve your seat for that day.

October 28, 2021
Ed Forum Day 1

Current Treatment Options - 11:00 AM (ET)

A concise and informative review of current treatments along with the pros and cons of each.

Novel Treatments on the Horizon & The Importance of Clinical Trials for Drug Development - 1:00 PM (ET)

The latest information available about potential new treatments for WM, as well as the necessity for patient participation in clinical trials to help move the pipeline along for more novel therapies.

Mini general sessions: 30-minute basics overview on each topic immediately followed by Q&A - 2:30 PM (ET)

WM & Peripheral Neuropathy/Q&A, WM and Fatigue /Q&A, WM & Dermatology (Hair, Skin, Nails)/Q&A

October 29, 2021
Ed Forum Day 2

Familial WM - 11:00 AM (ET)

Many people with WM have other relatives with WM, MGUS, or related blood cancers. The question of whether WM is "inherited" is a complicated one. Dr. Mary Lou McMaster (from the National Institutes of Health) will share her many years of research on the nature of familial factors in WM. She will clarify what is meant by "familial" as opposed to "genetic predisposition." She will also discuss the role that environmental factors can play.

A Review of NCCN Guidelines for WM - 12:45 PM (ET)

A review of NCCN guidelines more coming soon

Ask the Doctors: Live Panel Q&A - 1:25 PM (ET)

A panel of WM experts will answer, and sometimes debate, questions about WM from the Ed Forum audience.